Part 1: A Journey Through the ages

Understanding the Modern Dog: Part One

"Ann's courses are fabulous, she is thorough and at the same time easy to understand, she makes learning fun! 
A brilliant source of canine information, I would definitely recommend Ann to anyone wanting to either gain info to help their knowledge for work or just to learn more and understand your own pooch!"  
- Sara Stewart

Course Info:  This is the course for you if you wish to expand your knowledge and understanding of the dog that you own. Essential for professionals working in the canine industry or if you are looking to work with dogs. We look at the various stages and natural behaviours of a dog's life and the conflict this can cause with owners. Recognising the stress and reasons for conflict enable us to reduce it by using different learning styles and understanding the dog's language. The course is run one day a month for four months and is delivered through lectures, group practicals and discussion forums.

Enjoy all 4 days of learning as a course, or pick what you'd like to learn from the exciting subjects below:

Day 2:  Canine Communication - 16/11/19
• Calming Signals - the language of peace
• Misinterpreting communication
• Reading body posture
• Sounds, scent, sight
• Observation visit to local rescue centre

Day 1:  All About Puppies - 19/10/19
• Canine Development Stages
• Responsible/Irresponsible Breeding
• Which puppy?
• Optimum time to leave home
• Puppy Socialisation
• Natural puppy behaviour - conflict and training

Day 4:  Canine Nutrition - 11/01/20
• Essential nutrients for the dog
• Supplements and herbal remedies
• Understanding food labels
• Food related problem behaviour
• The mature dog and ageing process

Day 3:  Canine Learning and Adolescence - 07/12/19
• Canine learning styles
• Matching training styles to behaviour
• Adolescence - the teenage years
• Treating unwanted behaviours
• Positive solutions

Cost for 4 day Course:  £50 per day or £180 if all 4 days booked together. Includes handouts, drinks, biscuits and cake!

Location:  Sports Pavilion, Milborne St Andrew (near Dorchester) Dorset DT11 0JA

Time:  9.15am to 4.15pm

Certificates issued.

To book: please call Ann on 01305 832569 or email

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