"Ann's courses are fabulous, she is thorough and at the same time easy to understand, she makes learning fun! 
A brilliant source of canine information, I would definitely recommend Ann to anyone wanting to either gain info to help their knowledge for work or just to learn more and understand your own pooch."        - Sara Stewart

"Ann's knowledge and understanding of dogs is amazing! She is an excellent teacher and friend to all those she meets...of both the 2 and 4 legged variety!"        - Felicity

"Ann is wonderful! We had so much fun and Alfie has learnt to do things I never even imagined. Not to mention her knowledge of dogs and behaviour is outstanding. I couldn't recommend enough!"        - Lauren

"I can't recommend Ann highly enough, our puppy Hettie started in June last year (2016) going to puppy classes and is now over a year old and is still attending classes working towards her APDT award. Training is so essential from those early weeks, Ann's patience and excellent knowledge has resulted in us having an extremely well behaved, good natured, loveable Labradoodle whom we get endless comments on how well behaved she is.
Hettie loves her classes, she actually loves training and is always so eager to learn.
Ann's classes have certainly made a huge difference in our household having very calm well behaved dogs certainly makes life easier."        - Jess Dallinger

"Timmy & I have just had our first walk since his arrival without my arm being yanked out of it's socket!  Thank you so much for training me how to speak dog!"        - Damaris & Timmy

"Just a short note to thank you so very much for the dog psychology course part 2 which has just ended.  I really learnt a great deal and it certainly made me think.  It was good to work outside my normal area of experience.  However the most important was that I really enjoyed it, you have the most engaging style that holds everyone’s attention for the whole day. I will certainly be back again 2017."        - Kevin Bryett

"Thank you for all your help.  You have changed our naughty pooch to a much calmer one, and we are going to continue with the techniques you showed us."        - Laura and Sandra

"Thank you soooooooo much for several things!  Coco is LOVING Barking Heads food, we are gradually introducing but she picks the barking head bits out.  The kong and chews are a god send and keeps her amused for ages....we have some peace!  For making us both (me and Chris) feel so welcome and relaxed in your class and for giving us direction and confidence.  Looking forward to next week.  Thank you again."        - Cat & Coco

"I have to say, Anne, deep thanks for what you have done so far. I have never met anyone with the talent and experience you demonstrate with dogs."        - Denis and Ena Robinson

"I would just like to say a big thank you!  Rosie is doing great at the moment, only one issue now and that's lorries and buses when we are out walking but she's 100% better now compared to than before! We have been using the Adaptil spray during thunder storms and strong winds and it seems to work, she settles down and goes to sleep! And we don't bark at men anymore!
P.S. Here is a photo with her best friend Honey at the pub!"        - Sam and Rosie

"We were really happy with the training Cody and ourselves received. Ann was also able to give us really helpful information on how to educate our 3 year old daughter on Cody's needs and how to get them both playing together nicely. Many thanks Ann and we look forward to Cody's next class!"        - Amanda and Cody

"Thank you for your wonderful classes over the past six weeks! We have learnt so much and had great fun putting it all into practise! Looking forward to the junior classes!"        - Liz

"Ann, I just had to email you to say how much fun we are having with Billy. We've always been having fun but we are really seeing him growing into a lovely polite boy with all your puppy training help. The hand outs are a brilliant helpful reminder.  My daughter Sami came to class last week and she too has been really active in practicing with Billy. Emma, my other daughter who majors in cuddles is going to join us this week.  So a big, big thank you!"        - Jacqui Scrace and Billy