Puppy Classes

Sutton Poyntz, near Weymouth
Next Courses starting:
Monday 14th October at 5pm (fully booked) and 7:30pm (space available)
Thursday 17th October at 5pm

£45 for 5 weeks including help sheets

Class info:
Make the most of your puppies critical learning time and join us for some kind, motivational training and fun in a small group with other puppies.   This good start Puppy Course will provide you with an opportunity to train and socialise your puppy with people and other puppies in a controlled environment. Only positive reward based, hands off methods used.  You will also have information and  advice on raising a sociable, happy puppy.
Basic training includes: ‘leave’, ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘stand’, ‘walking on a slack lead’, ‘recall’ and introduction to ‘stay’, meet and greet people and other puppies.  This course is for puppies aged 10-20 weeks old.
Puppies should have started their vaccination programme, but as a very safe training environment, do not need to have completed it.  We also request your puppies flea and worm treatments are up to date.
Science has proven that puppies that are well socialised in a positive way to different people, dogs, animals,  and all aspects of their environment in their first 16 weeks of life, grow into more confident, intelligent and calmer adult dogs. They learn more at this time than at any other time of their life, one of the reasons the Guide Dogs for the Blind start training their dogs from 6 weeks of age.  However a bad experience at this time can result in a fearful dog for the rest of it’s life.  So please choose your puppies course carefully and consider visiting without your puppy to check the environment and methods used are suitable for you both, before you part with your money.

This course is designed to help you understand and train your puppy.  To learn more about the species you're sharing your home and life with, and improve your communication with your new best friend, please see my Canine Psychology Courses from the menu above.

Puppy Good Start home visits are also available, for puppies from 8 weeks, please get in touch to discuss!

To book:  Please call Ann on 01305 832569 or email bondann@msn.com