Junior Classes


Mission Hall, Sutton Poyntz (near Weymouth)
Next Course dates starting:
Thursday 17th October at 7:30pm

£45 including help sheets

Course Info:
Essential 5 week progression course ideal for those who have done some basic training, for dogs from 5 months (20 weeks).   Progressing basic puppy training into more interesting and challenging training for the young adolescent dog.  During these difficult 'teenage' years, dog’s require more physical but more importantly – mental  stimulation.  This course will provide you with information and techniques to maintain your dog’s ‘focus’ on you and pass through this difficult phase as calmly and successfully as possible, while maintaining a good relationship.
Learn how to develop your dogs: slack lead walking (without yanking), recall, stay, sit, down, stand, target training and send-away in a small group with similar aged dogs.  ‘Hands off’ training only using motivation and reward based methods.
During this time it is very important not to allow your adolescent dog to develop bad habits which become harder to alter as they get older.  Of course your dog does not understand they are ‘bad habits’, they are just following their natural instincts or carrying out behaviours that get results for them – attention seeking being the most common!  That is because most household dogs are very under stimulated and bored and owners can easily reinforce the very behaviours they are trying to stop.  Following out dated advice of using aggression to alter a dog’s behaviour i.e smacking it on the nose or head, kneeing it in the chest, pinning it to the floor; teaches the dog nothing, except how to mistrust humans and to be aggressive in return.  PLEASE AVOID THESE METHODS. Call Ann for a one-to-one.

This course is designed to help you understand and train your dog.  To learn more about the species you're sharing your home and life with, and improve your communication with your new best friend, please see my Canine Psychology Courses from the menu above.

To book:  Please call Ann on 01305 832569 or email bondann@msn.com