Part 2: A journey into the dog's mind



Course Info:  Take a journey deeper into the anatomy and psychology of a dog's brain and behaviour. Just what is going on inside when they display behaviours that we find alarming or confusing? What appear to be actions of choice from the dog are often biologically driven behaviours which become habits over time. Before attempting to modify a dog's problem behaviour, it is essential to have an understanding of the internal processes of the dog's body as well as the external body language. This is a follow on course for students who have completed Understanding the Modern Dog course and is delivered one day per month for four months.  I you'd like to choose one day rather than the whole course, please speak to Ann.

"Just a short note to thank you so very much for the dog psychology course Understanding the Modern Dog which has just ended.  I really learnt a great deal and it certainly made me think.  It was good to work outside my normal area of experience.  However the most important was that I really enjoyed it, you have the most engaging style that holds everyone’s attention for the whole day. I will certainly be back again!"  - Kevin Bryett

Day 1:  Evolution & Development of the Modern Dog - 08/02/2020
• Evolution of the dog through the ages to present day
• Breeds - genetic traits, behaviour & health
• Recognising common hereditary diseases
• Alternative therapy - Reiki

Day 2: The Dog's Brain - 07/03/2020
• How the dogs brain and nervous system works
• Effects of behaviour
• Canine fears, phobias and anxiety
• Positive solutions for common anxieties
• Alternative therapy - Canine chiropractic

Day 3:  Hormones and Behaviour - 04/04/2020
• Hormones - effects on health and behaviour
• Neutering - advantages and disadvantages
• Hyper dogs
• Compulsive behaviour
• Alternative therapy - Tellington TTouch

Day 4:  All about aggression - 09/05/2020
• Why dogs aggress
• Classifying aggression
• Recognising and interpreting signs of aggression
• The "breed trap"
• Modifying common aggression problems

Cost for 4 day Course:  £50 a day or £180 if all 4 days booked together. Include handouts, tea, coffee and cake!

Cost for individual day:  £50 to include tea, coffee and cake.

Location:  Sports Pavilion, Milborne St Andrew (near Dorchester) Dorset DT11 0JA

Time:  9.15am to 4.30pm

Certificates issued.

To book: please call Ann on 01305 832569 or email