All About Puppies

Course Info:
How factors affect behaviour from conception to adulthood.  This interactive one day seminar is taken from Ann's very popular Canine Psychology course - Understanding the Modern Dog.  It offers an opportunity for prospective puppy owners, current dog owners and professionals working in the industry to obtain an in depth insight into this crucially important development stage.  Including impacts on health and behaviour that is seen as the puppy matures.  This knowledge can then be used to prevent behaviour problems or teach coping strategies for pups that are struggling to live up to their owner's expectations or live in our modern society.

• Canine development stages: Watch the developing of puppies during those crucial first 6 weeks.
• Impact of responsible and irresponsible breeding
• Which puppy:  How do owners choose the right breed for their lifestyle?
• Optimum time for puppy to leave home - is 8 weeks the best time?
• New home - settling in, signs of stress, and effect on behaviour
• Why, when and how puppies 'socialise' - including the pitfalls!
• Importance of teaching the 'bite inhabition' and that humans are not chew toys!
• Natural puppy behaviour - conflict, solutions and training

Cost:  £50 to include tea, coffee and cake!

Location:  Sports Pavilion, Milborne St Andrew (near Dorchester) Dorset DT11 0JA

Day:  Saturday 19th October 2019

Time:  9:15am to 4:30pm

Book:  To book please call Ann on 01305 832569, email or click below5